Aarons' Past Illustrative Grand Conclave

Aarons' Past Illustrative Grand Conclave 


On Sunday, 2nd February 2020, the Executive Grand Council conducted the inauguration and established the Aarons’ Past Illustrative Grand Conclave under the Barbados District at 118 Roebuck Street, Bridgetown, Barbados.

Conceptualised as a guiding aid for our Past Illustrative Grands, the Conclave’s main focus will be to ensure standardisation while creating a dedicated avenue for continued improvement in our ritualistic work. This conclave is the culmination of two years of preparation from the District Grand Lodge and forms the first conclave to be created in the District


Grand Councillors Barrington Gray, Cecilo Leacock, Saturin Thomas and Neville Reid from The Grand Executive joined members of the District for this special event. Also visiting for the inauguration were Venerable Past Grand Master, Lloyd Rowe from the Aurora District in Birmingham, England and Venerable Past Grand Master Ulric Phillips from the Brooklyn District in the USA. Grand Master Dr Osbourne from the Trinidad and Tobago District was also in attendance along with Past Illustrative Matron, Sister Florence Bennett and Senior Past Illustrative Matron, Sister Campbell from Manchester, England.


The Rt. Worshipful District Grand Master, Hon Patrick Bennett mentioned that ‘….the Conclave will enable our Past Illustrative Grands to further develop in the Craft and better serve our individual units. We are excited at this new addition to our District and to our continued development. All of our members will benefit from this new initiative.’


The Aarons' Past Illustrative Grand Conclave will initially meet three times annually.


Friendship, Truth, and Love dictate that we should be friends and truthful to all Mankind and above all “be our Brothers’ keeper’, which is in keeping with the teachings of the Volume of the Sacred Law. Our aim is to practice and promote just philanthropy, charity and benevolence and that through our example; society at large will know the true meaning of fidelity, benevolence and truth.